Lake Michigan Pebbles with sunrise

Live, Laugh, Love: Ways To Share You Care During COVID-19

This past week was really something, wasn't it? Each day - some days, every hour - felt like the carpet was getting pulled under our feet. Yes, this week was tough, but our community continued to shine - regardless of how cloudy the forecast was. Within the past few days I've come across some of the most educational, fun, and inspiring messages across social media: Supporting local businesses (ordering out, purchasing art kits, buying gift cards, etc...). Dropping off donations to our first responders Making chalk art on sidewalks for people to enjoy while out on walks and many more! SO…

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Avoid Crowds by Exploring Pleasant Prairie's Wide Open Spaces

Let’s face it. The world is full of things that can hurt us – but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t live our best life. Of course, we should be diligent and take precautions where necessary, but we’ve still got to get out there and do things. Winter is in the rearview mirror and spring is quickly approaching. As cabin fever takes over and the need to get out sets in, perhaps crowded places aren’t where you want to be. It’s time to check out places and activities that get you out there – but where you still feel like you have space...and Pleasant Prairie is just the place to be! A variety of…

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A Great Cup of Coffee Around Our Corner

Regardless of the season, I'm always craving something warm to drink: coffee, tea - even a hot toddy when the situation calls for it (it is March after all!). On days when I'm short on time to brew at home, I treat myself to a drink at Starbucks. Regardless of where I am, I know I can order something at Starbucks and have it exactly the way I like it, even if I'm hours away from home. Growing up in the Chicagoland area, I've seen a handful of Corner Bakeries but never went in. I didn't need to when there was a Starbucks on (what felt like) every corner. The hustle and bustle of Starbucks…

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