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Fresenius Kabi


When it comes to healthcare, there’s no room for error from a medical perspective. Luckily, though, this shouldn’t ever have to hold you back – and if you’ve always been passionate about pharmaceuticals, Fresenius Kabi could be just the destination you need for new career opportunities.

Indeed, as a massive office and processing facility, the Pleasant Prairie Fresenius Kabi premises is staggeringly large at well over half a million square feet, sitting on around 47 acres of land. As such, the number of opportunities in the facility is seemingly endless. Office space alone in the facility comprises around 15,000 square feet; the DEA vault then rests on a further 24,000 square feet of floor space.

Fresenius Kabi has parking facilities for 200 cars (along with 25 trailer bays for their own use). The construction of premises alone was valued at around $30 million (and later resold for over $54 million) and was designed by the Lamar Johnson Collaborative, or LJC.

As such, if you’ve always wanted to get involved with making a difference, the Pleasant Prairie distribution center might be a good place to start! Plus, with amenities for staff, including a one-third-mile walking path looking out over the premises’ pond, a modern lunch space, and a dedicated training area, there are certainly plenty of great opportunities.




  • Monday: 5:30am-6pm
  • Tuesday: 5:30am-6pm
  • Wednesday: 5:30am-6pm
  • Thursday: 5:30am-6pm
  • Friday: 5:30am-6pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed