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Good Shepherd Lutheran Church


Celebrating the Lord and practicing your faith can sometimes seem hard without a dedicated local church community to help – but fortunately, the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Pleasant Prairie could be the ideal place to help you find the ideal schedule of worship. Providing numerous different services for its congregation, the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is undeniably one of the best places to consider locally if you have been looking for somewhere to find support in your own faith.

The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church holds several key beliefs and goals. Crucially, they focus heavily on teaching others about their beliefs and supporting their community in finding the right religious paths to follow. In accordance with this goal and motivation, they strive to support others in finding the perfect options and opportunities for their own goals, too.

The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is led by Pastor Kyle Verage, who grew up in Wisconsin himself. In addition, the Church’s administrative agent is Marcia Lange, who has found her own calling in life after retirement by supporting the Church and its goals.

The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is open to all who want to learn more about the teachings of God and the Lutheran Christian faith. As such, whether you’re a devout follower yourself or if you would like to learn more and see if Lutheranism might be the right fit for your religion, the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church could be your ideal destination.


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