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Kenosha County Bike Trail

  • 89th St. and 30th Ave., Kenosha, WI 53143


If you’ve been looking to get out and about and explore slightly further than the confines of Pleasant Prairie itself, the amazing Kenosha County Bike Trail is very close by. It offers a beautiful, scenic trail that’s the perfect way to get out and about, especially during the spring, summer, and fall. However, the Kenosha County Bike Trail also opens to the public during the winter if you’re looking for a breathtaking cold-weather walk; the tree shade helps make the walk much more pleasant during the hotter weather.

The Kenosha County Bike Trail covers approximately 3.66 miles of paved trailway, which have been formed over the top of retired, unused railroad tracks. The trail is generally wide enough for several walkers or bike riders at once, making it easily accessible without having to worry about getting caught out.

The trailway runs up to the Wisconsin / Illinois state line, making it a great way to get out for a little adventure locally. What’s more, the asphalt trail itself is slightly elevated, for the most part, reducing the risks of flooding. This makes it an excellent option if you’ve been looking for a safe, year-round bike trail that is both relaxing and challenging.