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Kenosha Sand Dunes

  • 7th Ave., Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158


Sometimes, when out and about, you stumble across something that’s just a little bit different from the norm. This is the case with the amazing Kenosha Sand Dunes, which are located along 7th Avenue in Pleasant Prairie. This stunning destination is part of the Chiwaukee Prairie, which covers a whopping total of almost 500 acres; as such, it’s truly a stunning destination for anyone looking to get out and about.

This breathtaking region’s unique ridge and swale topography originally helped form the incredible Kenosha Sand Dunes. The dunes are home to a huge array of amazing wildlife these days – well worth a visit if you’re close by to the area.

The Kenosha Sand Dunes are served by a 2-mile trail system that runs around the dunes and can be accessed all year long. In addition to this, there are more than 75 amazing species of birds, mammals, and invertebrates living on the Kenosha Sand Dunes, so there’s definitely something amazing to see for anyone who loves wildlife in the region. In addition to this, a whopping 400+ species of plants also call the wider reserve home, so if you fancy exploring a little further, you’ll definitely be rewarded for your efforts. Visiting on a sunny day is often considered the best option to increase your chances of seeing as much wildlife as possible!