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Massage Envy



Your body requires & deserves regular care. Schedule a Massage Envy facial regimen or tailored massage to keep yourself in tip-top shape. Great for date night!

Looking for a place where you can get personalized, inexpensive, and convenient Pleasant Prairie facials and massages? Your independently owned and operated Massage Envy is right here in your backyard. Professional massage and skin care services are available in your area, provided by certified therapists and estheticians that are dedicated to making you look and feel your best.


There's a distinction to be made between feeling better and actually living better.

Do you have a kink in your neck that won't go away? They'll assist in its removal. Their unique approach to massage therapy will assist your body in working more efficiently so that you can live a better life.

  • Custom Massage - There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all massage. They develop a personalized massage session with your input that fits your individual needs.

  • Catalytic Process - Massage Envy uses an active, catalytic procedure regardless of how much pressure you desire. "We wake up your muscles," is fancy jargon meaning "we wake up your muscles."

  • Quality Products - Lotion should be used liberally during massages. Literally. As a result, they created lotions that are free of parabens and sulfates.


At Massage Envy, your esthetician will assist you in selecting the ideal combination of products and services for your exact skin type. You can also add additions to your facial, such as anti-aging eye and exfoliating hand treatments, to meet individual requirements. They'll keep your face happy for years to come by designing a personalized, long-term strategy that includes frequent facials and home care.


Regular stretch therapy, whether you're a serious athlete or not, can improve your performance by increasing range of motion and flexibility, which can improve your posture. Even if you're not, their membership options are customizable.

Their unique Streto Method was created using over 15 years of massage experience and the most up-to-date research on stretching techniques.

  • Methodology from the top down - Massage Envy begins at the top of your head and works its way down to your toes, pausing to focus on critical areas that are unique to your requirements.

  • Influence of chiropractic care - The Streto Method, created by a doctor and chiropractor, uses active stretching techniques influenced by chiropractic practices.

  • Personalized - They pay attention to your wants and objectives, then collaborate with you to achieve your objectives.

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