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Thompson Strawberry Farm


You can’t get much fresher than top-quality “pick your own” fruits and veggies, and this is something that the Thompson Strawberry Farm is passionate about. Indeed, as a professional pick your own family-run farm, the team is determined to share the joy of fresh produce with the local community. However, there’s so much more on offer than strawberries alone; some of the other amazing, delectable produce on the farm include strawberries, sunflowers, raspberries, and pumpkins. They also offer a “Thompson Adventure Farm” experience in the middle of August in between the “pick your own” experiences.

The Thompson Strawberry Farm was founded in 1969 and focuses on bringing delicious, nutritious produce directly to customers, helping engage them in the farming process as a result. However, the family’s experience dates back over a century, making them one of the region's best destinations to find lovingly grown food. The farm also encourages its visitors to check the picking conditions and berry status before booking a visit to ensure that every single hamper of produce is the freshest it can possibly be. This simple dedication to quality food sets the Thompson Strawberry Farm apart from other local “pick your own” farms, so it is perhaps unsurprising that the farm achieves such overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests and visitors.


Strawberries: Mid June - early July

Sunflowers: July - early October

Raspberries: September - early October

Pumpkins: Mid September - early October

Weather makes a big difference in the starting date for picking and availability of berries, sunflowers, and pumpkins during the season. It is encouraged to check picking conditions and berry status information on the website before visiting the farm!


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