Get to know us before your visit!

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. Here, we've gathered the most common inquiries about visiting Pleasant Prairie, our local businesses, attractions, and how our Convention and Visitors Bureau can assist you. This resource aims to provide immediate answers to your questions and help you navigate our community more effectively. If you have a question that isn't covered here, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to ensure your Pleasant Prairie experience is as enjoyable and effortless as possible.

Q: What is Pleasant Prairie known for?

A: Pleasant Prairie is lucky to have one of Simon Groups outdoor shopping centers - the Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlets (with more than 100 stores) and Shoppes at Prairie Ridge. If you're a sports enthusiast you may already know about the largest municipal recreation facility in America - the Pleasant Prairie RecPlex! Keep an eye on our site for attractions yet to come such Haribo’s first North American manufacturing plant and experience center. Our location is ideal, making the Village attractive to new and exciting commercial development opportunities

Q: Why should I stay in Pleasant Prairie?

A: Lack of tax! Our sales tax on purchased goods is the lowest in the surrounding areas, and Wisconsin adds to the enticement of visiting by not having tollways. Be sure to fill up your tank while in the village because –  you guessed it – we have one of the lowest gasoline taxes in the country!

With five hotels you’ve got your pick for economic travel, hotels with points/loyalty rewards, easy access from I-94, great shopping and restaurants nearby – the Village is the perfect place for you to stay, no matter where your plans are taking you. Consider making your next visit an overnight stay so you have more time to explore.

Q: Does Pleasant Prairie have any museums?

A: Great question! Pleasant Prairie’s very own history museum opened in August 2020. Want to learn more about the legendary powder plant explosion? How about the Pleasant Prairie Ideal Park horse racetrack? The Pleasant Prairie History Museum will be the place to do it!

Need more, history buffs? Branch out from your comfy Pleasant Prairie digs and check out these great museums that are also located in Kenosha County: the Kenosha Public Museum, Civil War Museum, the Dinosaur Discovery Museum, Southport Light Station Museum, and the Kenosha History Center.

Q: What kind of events does Pleasant Prairie hold?

A: Due to breath-taking natural resources and top-tier facilities, we have the capacity to make athletic events a win, in all seasons. We’re proud to be known as a Village that hosts premier events, with national and international acclaim! The Pleasant Prairie Triathlon, Speedo Elite Swim Competition, Adidas Basketball Tournaments, and many, many more.

2019  saw the revival of two fabulous events, the Lake Andrea Dragonfest and the Twelfth Night Holiday Tree Bonfire. Information about these and other events can be found at

Q: What is the population of Pleasant Prairie?

A: Since its incorporation in 1989, the population of the Village of Pleasant Prairie has grown by more than 10,000. The 2018 census data has us weighing in at a healthy population of 21,166 residents, 8,644 households, with an average home value of $295,000.

Q: What’s the nearest Airport?

A: There’s more than just distance to consider here – but if you’re looking for just pure mileage, it’s Milwaukee’s General Mitchell Airport. As a Southwest hub, flights into MKE can often be less expensive. But if you’re looking for convenience and more flight options, O’Hare International Airport probably has you covered. If you’re chartering a flight, are a pilot, or bringing a group for a private trip, you may also be able to find availability at the Kenosha Airport.

Q: I’m thinking about moving to Pleasant Prairie, where can I find information about relocating?

A: We're happy you asked and excited to call you neighbor! Click here for more information.