Mars Cheese Castle

A Wisconsin Institution Since 1947

If you’re in the Pleasant Prairie area, you’re at the gates of the kingdom of flavor. Mars Cheese Castle effortlessly fuses the quixotic charm of old-time roadside attractions with the contemporary trend of honoring local cuisine. A family-run Wisconsin institution in business for over six decades, Mars Cheese Castle knows what Wisconsin cuisine is all about — comfort, warmth, and unique flavor. As you might guess, cheese is their specialty, but visitors will also find a stunning array of delicious deli foods, frosty beers, and delectable wines.

Grand Facade

Mars Cheese Castle lives up to the majesty of its name. Their famous 80-foot sign heralds travellers from all around with charming flare. Visitors will marvel at a massive facade reminiscent of a European castle, complete with a tower and parapets. Once they cross the drawbridge, guests will be in awe of the expansive interior decorated with suits of armor, luxurious thrones, and a pergola fashioned of century-old Douglas fir.

The Big Cheese

At this castle, cheese is king! With more than 700 varieties of cheese in stock, Mars Cheese Castle is a connoisseur’s dream. In search of big name cheeses? Hankering for unique, artisanal fare hand-crafted by local cheesemongers? This place will transcend your wildest desires. Sample the regal complexity of 10-year aged sharp cheddar or mellow out with a wheel of baby Swiss.

Those with a sweet tooth will fall in love with the decadent pleasures of chocolate cheese. Experience familiar comfort foods elevated to an art form. Savor the rich, velvety texture of their signature cheese spread, made with two-year aged sharp cheddar. Buy a variety basket, and bring your favorites home with you!

Royal Fare

At Mars Cheese Castle, the cheese doesn’t stand alone. In fact, Mars Cheese Castle specializes in original baked goods, deli fare, and a restaurant menu that’s fit for royalty. Kick off your shopping with the fanfare of the signature cheesy bread made with two-year aged cheddar.

Follow up with a sit-down meal at the restaurant, and bite into the exquisite and world-famous reuben sandwich with corned beef or pastrami. Or order a succulent sausage sandwich made with Usinger’s Wisconsin Bratwurst.

Perfect Pairings

Feeling thirsty? With hundreds of varieties of wine and beer available in the taproom and cellars, they’ve got just the right vintage or brew to pair with your cheese. Chase a nibble of cheddar with a dry, full-bodied cabernet sauvignon, or pair the flavor of red-rind muenster with the refreshing, acidic kick of pinot grigio.

Beer lovers can wash down that bratwurst with the brash, hoppy zing of an IPA or local favorite New Glarus Spotted Cow. Whatever you do, try the Red Planet Ale, Mars Cheese Castle’s own label created with local favorite Lakefront Brewery.

Gift Shop

Before you go on your way, stop by the gift shop for a one-of-a-kind Wisconsin souvenir to commemorate your visit to the Pleasant Prairie area. Crown your head with the best-selling cheese head, or grab up some snappy t-shirts. And while you’re in the shop, don’t forget to visit Isabel, the famous animatronic talking cow.

Whether you plan to stop in on your way elsewhere or as a destination in itself, a visit to Mars Cheese Castle is a must for your Pleasant Prairie getaway.

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