The Brat Stop

The Brat Stop offers the quintessential taste of Wisconsin — bratwurst, beer, and cheese.

What started in 1961 as a ramshackle roadside dive with eight stools has become a sprawling complex complete with wacky decor and sizzling live entertainment. Still family-owned and operated, The Brat Stop makes a fun-filled culinary destination for your own family while you’re in the Pleasant Prairie area.

Brats and Sides

When you’re studying the amazing selections of sausages, you’ll find yourself in a wurst case scenario — having to pick a flavor. So why limit yourself to just one? Order a two-brat plate and mix and match. The tried-and-true traditional bratwurst pairs up perfectly with veal brat. If you crave some heat, pair the jalapeno cheddarwurst with the spicy Louisiana kick of a Cajun brat.

The Brat Stop serves side dishes so good they threaten to show up the main course. Taste their famous hot German potato salad or nibble on deep fried cheese curds, a Wisconsin delicacy. They’ve got old-fashioned soda fountain favorites like root beer and five-dollar milkshakes. Or take things up a notch with a punchy bloody Mary and Spotted Cow beer, a local favorite, on tap.

Sports Bar

Located at the halfway point between Milwaukee and Chicago, The Brat Stop marks what owner and founder Gerald Rasmussen likes to call the fifty-yard line between two big city sports fandoms. So you’re just as likely to encounter Packers fans as Bears supporters. You can root for the Brewers or Cubbies here. No matter who you’re boosting, you can enjoy the gameday atmosphere at The Brat Stop. They’ve got TVs galore, so no matter where you sit, you won’t miss a moment of the action.

Live Music and Entertainment

The Brat Stop has been a hotspot for local entertainment for decades, regularly featuring live music every bit as hot and flavorful as their food. They’ve hosted quite a few notable acts on their way to fame over the years — Trace Adkins, Cheap Trick, and Charlie Daniels to name a few. But the heart and soul of this legendary institution is local music. They recently hosted the Smooth Riders Indoor Music Fest (SRIM), a massive showcase of local music

As if that wasn’t enough, The Brat Stop also has a volleyball court out back, complete with beach sand. You’ll get a nostalgic blast in the game room running up the high score on one of the pinball and arcade games.

Gift Shop

Don’t hit the road until you’ve stopped off at the gift shop. The Brat Stop carries all the best snacks, so you can fortify yourself with some jerky, chips, and soft drinks for the road.

Like any self-respecting Wisconsin establishment, The Brat Stop believes in the cheese. Browse the wide selection of dairy delights in the long cheese case. You’ll find everything from sharp-aged cheddar to the Danish Kringle, a local specialty.

Grab some Bratwear while you’re at it. The Brat Stop gift shop has branded hats and T-shirts to commemorate your visit. And, of course, they’ve got the cheesehead hat so you can boast of your Wisconsin adventures whenever you wear it!

Somebody probably told you once that life wouldn’t be all fun and games, but The Brat Stop has been doing their best to prove them wrong. Stop in during your trip to Pleasant Prairie and enjoy the best bratwurst you’ve ever tasted, jam to live music, and soak up the local atmosphere!

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