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What's Happening in and Around Pleasant Prairie

In the age of COVID, many things are not the same as they once were - notably, events. While we are working to ensure the most up-to-date information, if you plan to attend an event in Pleasant Prairie please contact the event organizers prior to heading out. While in the area, explore the outdoors and dine-in or take-out to support our local restaurants. Thank you!

In addition to the distinctive attractions, the area is bustling with exciting events at any time of year. One-time, ongoing, and highly-anticipated annual events in Pleasant Prairie give locals and visitors alike a chance to come together to immerse themselves in the artistic, cultural, and sporty communities that make up our village.

For the artist in you, Pleasant Prairie has classes, workshops, and performances that will delight and enlighten. Meet your friends at Pinot’s Palette to take arts and crafts workshops while you sip wine and listen to great music. Salsa, tango, and waltz around the dancefloor at Fred Astaire Dance Studios for ballroom dance classes no matter your skill level.

Pleasant Prairie is home to athletic events held year-round at the RecPlex. The friendly, approachable staff at RecPlex offer a variety of strength and cardio fitness classes and host sports camps and tournaments for visiting athletes. Hockey matches and figure skating competitions are held in the RecPlex Ice Arena, which includes two NHL-sized ice rinks.

Pleasant Prairie is within 20 minutes of Carthage College and UW Parkside which can further enrich your visit. Be sure to check out the numerous theatrical productions, dance recitals, and ensemble performances on these campuses while you’re in the area.

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Current & Upcoming Events in Pleasant Prairie & Greater Kenosha County