Events in Pleasant Prairie

What's Happening in and Around Pleasant Prairie

In Pleasant Prairie, there's always something happening. A vibrant hub for diverse interests and experiences, our town is full of unique events all year round, offering fun and exciting opportunities for locals and visitors. For a list of upcoming events or to search for an event by date, keyword, or category, refer to the calendar below.

Annual Events in Pleasant Prairie

Each year, Pleasant Prairie marks the passage of time with an array of memorable events. Here's a glimpse of some of our annual highlights:

  • Pleasant Prairie Triathlon: An exhilarating competition attracting athletes from across the Midwest every summer.
  • Wisconsin Women's Triathlon: A celebration of female athletes of all ages and skill levels, typically held in August.
  • Bristol Renaissance Faire: A step back in time with this immersive summer event filled with food, rides, costumes, and live entertainment.
  • Twelfth Night Holiday Tree Bonfire: A heartwarming goodbye to the holiday season every January, featuring an enormous bonfire made from used Christmas trees.
  • Pleasant Prairie HarborMarket: On the western shore of Lake Andrea in Prairie Springs Park, you can enjoy fresh produce, artisanal creations, and live music. 

These events offer a taste of the rich, diverse experiences that make Pleasant Prairie a vibrant and engaging community. However, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Find a full list of upcoming events in Pleasant Prairie and Kenosha County below!

Current & Upcoming Events in Pleasant Prairie & Greater Kenosha County