Lake Michigan Pebbles with sunrise

A Great Cup of Coffee Around Our Corner

Regardless of the season, I'm always craving something warm to drink: coffee, tea - even a hot toddy when the situation calls for it (it is March after all!). On days when I'm short on time to brew at home, I treat myself to a drink at Starbucks. Regardless of where I am, I know I can order something at Starbucks and have it exactly the way I like it, even if I'm hours away from home. Growing up in the Chicagoland area, I've seen a handful of Corner Bakeries but never went in. I didn't need to when there was a Starbucks on (what felt like) every corner. The hustle and bustle of Starbucks…

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Prepare To Be Wowed - Milwaukee Burger Company

It's not often that I'm completely taken by surprise when entering an establishment - but that's right where I found myself recently after entering Milwaukee Burger Company in Pleasant Prairie. This family-run restaurant is a hidden gem in the Village - and you definitely don't want to miss it. Typically you can tell what a place is going to look and feel like from the outside - not that I'm necessarily judging, but you've been there. You look at a place from the outside and it 'feels' small - lo and behold you walk in and it is. Or you 'feel' like the lighting is going to overwhelm you just…

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