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Michelle Williamson

Getting Through Together - But Apart

All over the world people are coming to terms with what the new ‘normal’ is like under various types of quarantine. The accounts vary from disbelief to sadness, to fear, to even courage. The flight or fight response is normal. Who’s to say how you should feel or respond to these trying times? What we’ve learned about humans is that since the beginning of time, we have been resilient. As a whole, strong. United we stand. Divided we fall. That phrase has been used throughout history to describe how we can overcome issues that could otherwise overwhelm us as a Nation – though most who…

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Avoid Crowds by Exploring Pleasant Prairie's Wide Open Spaces

Let’s face it. The world is full of things that can hurt us – but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t live our best life. Of course, we should be diligent and take precautions where necessary, but we’ve still got to get out there and do things. Winter is in the rearview mirror and spring is quickly approaching. As cabin fever takes over and the need to get out sets in, perhaps crowded places aren’t where you want to be. It’s time to check out places and activities that get you out there – but where you still feel like you have space...and Pleasant Prairie is just the place to be! A variety of…

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Prepare To Be Wowed - Milwaukee Burger Company

It's not often that I'm completely taken by surprise when entering an establishment - but that's right where I found myself recently after entering Milwaukee Burger Company in Pleasant Prairie. This family-run restaurant is a hidden gem in the Village - and you definitely don't want to miss it. Typically you can tell what a place is going to look and feel like from the outside - not that I'm necessarily judging, but you've been there. You look at a place from the outside and it 'feels' small - lo and behold you walk in and it is. Or you 'feel' like the lighting is going to overwhelm you just…

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