All over the world people are coming to terms with what the new ‘normal’ is like under various types of quarantine. The accounts vary from disbelief to sadness, to fear, to even courage. The flight or fight response is normal. Who’s to say how you should feel or respond to these trying times?  

What we’ve learned about humans is that since the beginning of time, we have been resilient. As a whole, strong. United we stand. Divided we fall. That phrase has been used throughout history to describe how we can overcome issues that could otherwise overwhelm us as a Nation – though most who remember those great words attribute them to Winston Churchill. I’ve heard this pandemic referred to recently as similar to WWII with regards to its body count and destruction to the economy.  

This time, however, the brave ‘soldiers’ fighting for our lives on the front lines are the men and women who continue to go to work despite the lack of personal protective gear. Worldwide, doctors and nurses, physicians assistants, aids, health officials of every race, color, creed, and background go to work every day – sometimes more than once a day, to fight this ‘enemy’ known as COVID-19. 

Sure, it’s hard for the average person to stay ‘quarantined’ in the comfort of their own home. But as I recently saw pointed out in an eloquently stated meme, how terrible for the average American to be cooped up in his/her own home with food to eat, running water, and those necessary toiletries to get us through. But not every one of us will respond to this crisis in the same manner, much as we do not all face death in the same way. The reality of our situation will be overwhelming for some, and, for others, it will be their time in history to be courageous. One thing will be true for everyone, we will all need to feel supported in the days, weeks, months, and even years ahead. 

Lake Michigan log structureMy husband said to me last night that it brought tears to his eyes as he picked up take-out from a local restaurant when he expressed his concern and support to the owner and his staff. I am grateful that my job is to support local restaurants, bars, hotels, and other businesses. Grateful for the opportunity to encourage the community to continue to support others. The simple act of buying a meal, or shopping at a local essential business for your needs is going to go further than you think.  

As we navigate this new ‘normal, my hope is that we can find a way to come together. Regardless of whether or not your government reacted fast enough, or who is really to blame, or whether or not this was man-made or came from the consumption of an animal, isn’t the important thing what we do now? What we can do for our health care workers is stay home, send them all of our positive energy – maLake Andrea looking west from bike pathybe send them a gift card or two so they can get through a shift without worrying about the next meal. 

And as for you, my hope is that you’ll find positive ways to cope. Living in Pleasant Prairie has its advantages now more than ever. Walk the trails at the RecPlex – try out the paved bike path or the more rustic Hackbarth or Prairie Farms Trails. The Kenosha Bike Trail goes right through the Village and all the way to Illinois. Enjoy birding at the Kenosha Sand Dunes in Chiwaukee Prairie. As we head into summer the prairie will be abloom, and if you’ve not taken the time to enjoy the view, this is the time. The great thing about take-out is you don’t feel pressured to stay inside. Think about take-out differently. Grab some take-out, enjoy a picnic, breathe deeply, and take a moment to enjoy your surroundings. You’re probably overdue.  

I’ve never been a believer in the whole live like it’s your last day” – mostly because I’ve always been working too much to try to earn the money to do the things I’d like to if it were my last day. Maybe today is the day to change that, or at least to change one thing. Do one thing today that you wouldn’t have done if you had worked in a traditional office today. Do one thing that makes you feel good that you haven’t tried before. Perhaps play dress-up with your kids. Build something from scraps you have around the house. Bake something new. Whatever you do, try something new and let it be you – whatever it is. 

We’d love to see pictures and hear stories about what you did –  your take-out picnic, your fresh air, your new experience. If you take photos, be sure to add #FunInThePrairie, #FeelPrairieGood and tag us @VisitPleasantPrairie so we can see – and support you. Like our Facebook page or Instagram as we would greatly appreciate the support as well!

Stay safe, stay healthy, enjoy a new experience! 

Cedar and dog Penny on the Hackbarth Trail