This past week was really something, wasn't it? Each day - some days, every hour - felt like the carpet was getting pulled under our feet. Yes, this week was tough, but our community continued to shine - regardless of how cloudy the forecast was. Within the past few days I've come across some of the most educational, fun, and inspiring messages across social media: 

Need some ideas on how to #FeelPrairieGood? We've got some idea's below and will continue adding to the list as more ideas come to mind!

  • Make a card or care package for someone in your neighborhood (I recommend placing in mailboxes, or taping a note to the front door). If you want to send it to someone outside of the area, you can rely on our local post office to get it there.
  • Write a review on google, yelp, etc. of a local business.
  • Offer to grocery shop for someone in need.
  • Give the gift of something special from a local business to a friend or co-worker.

Finding ways to bring our community together, while maintaining social distancing, is what continues to make Pleasant Prairie one of the best places to live, work, and play! Just remember, there are brighter days ahead!