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Applewood Farms

  • 12126 39th Ave., Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158-4240
  • 262.694.8565


It’s almost every little child’s dream to one day become a majestic or noble horse rider, be it mounted riding into battle heroically or for the luxury and allure that such an activity can offer. In the real world, horse riding is perhaps a little less surreal and more down to Earth - but, in any case, it’s an excellent option for any animal lover dreaming of a new fitness opportunity to try.

Of course, horse riding is an often misunderstood sport, and many people assume it’s easy. However, buckle up because you or your child is in for an eye-opening experience with a visit to Applewood Farms. Their natural horsemanship approach helps develop a strong bond between horse and rider, ensuring that each pair has the chance to shine.

Applewood Farms have a collection of highly-trained school horses that help countless people learn to ride safely and effectively. Their horses are typically older, making them much easier to learn to ride on than an excitable youngster. They also offer riding program day camps, boarding services, on-site competitions, and a small collection of awesome “Applewood Swag” including shirts with the Applewood Farm logo printed directly on the front.

In short, if you or your child loves horses and wants to learn to ride or develop your own horsemanship skills, Applewood Farm in Pleasant Prairie might be just the destination you need.



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