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Prairie Shores: Lake Michigan Beaches in Pleasant Prairie

  • 10101- 12735 Lakeshore Dr., Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158


If you’re looking to treat yourself to a little time out in the open air, a trip down to Prairie Shores could be on the cards. Indeed, the stunning Prairie Shores beaches are located on the West Coast of Lake Michigan and offer a huge array of stunning views. Plus, with plenty of amazing opportunities to get close to some of the stunning local wildlife, it’s easy to see why so many people consider it one of the best regions in Pleasant Prairie to get out and about.

Prairie Shores encompasses five different areas, each bringing something a little different to the experience. Many local residents refer to these as Carol Beach, but every destination offers a unique charm.

The five main areas on Prairie Shores include Lakeshore park, Edithton Beach, Prairie Shores Beach (sometimes known as Carol Beach), Phil Sanders Park, and Chiwaukee View.  Many of these offer off-road parking, but be sure to check this before planning your day out.

The Prairie Shores area is undeniably a stunning location filled with plenty to see and do across the five areas. So, why not visit and take a stroll along the shores of Lake Michigan for a break from the bustle of modern life? Or, be sure to look out over some of the stunning views – it’s the perfect destination for great photo opportunities, be it a group photo, a family snap, or just a treasured memory!